What the HELL is Rockypalooza?

Rockypalooza is the premier annual gathering of Pacific Northwest Rocky Horror disciples. This blessed mini-con rotates between various casts in the region every year and, in 2017, NW Rockypalooza 14 arrives back in glorious, rainy, Portland Oregon. It is a hallowed, indecent, and enthralling opportunity to strap up those fishnets, let that Riff hair down, apply that $40 lipstick, and have some blasphemous fun.

So what am I getting when I buy a pass?

Possessors of the divine Rockypalooza 14 pass receive access to a multitude of spectacular events. These include tickets to a Friday night showing of the delectable fan-favorite "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", and the Saturday-night classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show" played alongside an all-star shadow cast comprised of the finest talent the Northwest has to offer. Of course, no weekend-long Rockypalooza would be complete without its own special events, food, outrageous after parties, and of course surprises - all of which are included with a NW Rockypalooza 14 pass!

Hey! Is that really Frank as Buddy Christ?

Of course it is. How else to better represent the Deity of Desire than through sacrilegious idolization? NW Rockpalooza 14 is a holy expedition into the not-so-pious light of Sweet Frankie's grasp, a "blessed homecoming" if you will. NW Rockypalooza 14 is an embrace of everything depraved, sinful, and gratifying in this world. Together we shall swim the blissful waters of imagination and curiosity. We shall cast out the demons of crappy remak- uh...false idols. We shall sing across the lands the divine words of "Don't dream it, be it!". Plus Buddy Frank will look great on a t-shirt.